Contributing to Tulsi

Contributing to Tulsi

We welcome contributions! This page covers setting up your machine to develop Tulsi and, when you've made a patch, how to submit it.

How can I contribute to Tulsi?

In general, we prefer contributions that fix bugs or add features (as opposed to stylistic, refactoring, or "cleanup" changes). Please check with us on the dev list before investing a lot of time in a patch.

Patch Acceptance Process

  1. Read the Tulsi governance plan.
  2. Discuss your plan and design, and get agreement on our mailing list.
  3. Prepare a git commit that implements the feature. Don't forget to add tests!
  4. Create a new code review on Gerrit by running:
    $ git push HEAD:refs/for/master
    Gerrit upload requires that you:
    • Have signed a Contributor License Agreement.
    • Have an automatically generated "Change Id" line in your commit message. If you haven't used Gerrit before, it will print a bash command to create a git hook which will generate change IDs. You will then need to run `git commit --amend` to add the line.
    The HTTP password required by Gerrit can be obtained from your Gerrit settings page. See the Gerrit documentation for more information about uploading changes.
  5. Complete a code review with a core contributor. Amend your existing commit and re-push to make changes to your patch.
  6. An engineer at Google applies the patch to our internal version control system.
  7. The patch is exported as a Git commit, at which point the Gerrit code review is closed.

Setting up your coding environment

Simply open up the Tulsi.xcodeproj in Xcode or AppCode.